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This is a podcast for people who build coworking communities.

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    EP42 - Inside the coworking experience

    This week Alex sits down with Mike Mehalick, the engineer behind this very show, to discuss an inside perspective on working within the Indy Hall community and what it means to develop professionally as a college intern.

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    EP41 - About the future

    This week we're looking into the future, YOUR future. Pick up a pen and paper or a notepad app and listen along to this productive workshop that will help you develop your personal, professional and community building goals.

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    EP39 - Burnout, An Intervention

    We work hard. We work smart. But sometimes, we overwork ourselves.

    Listen to this tale of my recent run-in with burnout, some of the worst I've ever had.

    Learn how to spot burnout in yourself and others, and how you can work together to recover from burnout.

    I can tell you this: the moment we finished recording this episode, I felt better.

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    EP 36 - Coworking As An Alternative to College

    Could coworking be an alternative to going to college? With an open mind and driven attitude we'll discuss how coworking very well might be a better option for those who want a more hands on approach to working on what they're passionate about.

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    EP 35 - The "Ultimate" Coworking Playlist

    In this quick and easy Q/A session we talk about the importance of the coworking ambience, more specifically, the tunes, and how garnering a positive work atmosphere encourages that quintessential collaborative rhythm.

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    EP 34 - "In work, too often, we forget that we are people."

    How trust is earned in the workplace, why it's most often missing, and what we can learn from coworking spaces to make better coworking spaces and more productive, innovative, powerful organizations.

    “Organizations have many examples of when people need to be working together in order to accomplish their goals, but they don’t work together and in some cases, they work against each other.

    Then you have examples in coworking places when people don’t need to work together, but they do.”

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    EP33 - The first totally "virtual" coworking conference (a recap)

    Back in April we hosted our first ever People at Work Summit, an experiment in hosting a conference on the internet instead of a physical venue.

    Cohosts Adam Teterus and Sam Abrams reflect on the event - from their favorite talks to the way we invented a new format to allow for online community building before and during the event.

    Lots to learn about coworking, event design, and online community building inside. Enjoy!

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