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This is a podcast for people who build coworking communities.

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    EP56 - Countdown to the People at Work Summit

    We're counting the days to our big ONLINE coworking conference, The People at Work Summit. Find out who's speaking, and what an online conference really "looks" like.

    Save the dates of July 12-13-14 and grab your tickets at, and listen to the end of the show for a way to get 10% off your ticket!

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    EP55 - You really should have been at CUAsia 2017

    "Everything was really, really, really good." There's something in the air at CUAsia, and it's making coworking founders and operators extremely good at their work. In this episode, Alex and Adam recap their recent trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand for CUAsia 2017. Find out what impressed them most during their trip overseas and why they think even though Asia is young in terms of coworking, the entire region deserves our undivided attention as leaders of the industry.

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    EP54 - A better security system for your coworking space

    At Indy Hall, we don't offer lockers, we leave our door wide open, and we tend to leave our computers on our desks while we're away for lunch. And yet, we all feel safe and sound. How is that possible?

    In this episode, Adam and Alex visit a pivotal past event in which a member stole from the community and how we introduced a community-focused solution for keeping our members safe.

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    EP53 - "Coworking will never work here"

    If you have ever heard or spoken the words "coworking won't work in this town", this episode is for you. Alex is joined by Sean Fedorko, founder of Radius Cowork, and the two community leaders debunk the popular myth that coworking can't succeed in a small town. Alex learns what gave Sean the confidence to start his coworking community in a place where everyone told him it wasn't possible.

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    EP52 - How we use Slack to build community online

    In this episode, Sam and Alex talk tools - specifically, one tool we use at Indy Hall to create a sense community continuity, opportunities for connection even when you're not physically here. Find out which communication software we use to create a first-class gathering space for our entire community.

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    EP51 - Slow the f*ck down!

    In this episode, Alex and Adam discuss an "impulsive" tattoo that symbolizes anything but hastiness. You've probably heard us talk about our JFDI philosophy, now we'll share an important compliment to that mantra. Plus, we recall a leadership lesson from an unexpected place: the orchestra.

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    EP50 - Community engagement strategies, straight from the streets of South Philly

    It's been almost three years and more than 50 episodes, and we're finally introducing Indy Hall's co-founder, Geoff DiMasi, to the show. Alex and Geoff's conversation couldn't be more timely for the New Year as they discuss setting achievable goals and the unbeatable fulfillment of actually making stuff. [Heads up: this episode is PACKED with valuable lessons and exercises for how to get people to do things together, and this is one of my favorite episodes we've done for how personal and actionable it is. Enjoy!]

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    EP49 - Ask 👏 the 👏 members!

    Our final episode in the year 2016! Alex and Adam explore a brand new segment called "Catchphrase" in which they share a common mantra spoken by staff and members of Indy Hall. In this episode, the catchphrase is: ask the f*cking members.

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    EP48 - Survivor’s Guide to Coworking Europe Brussels, Part 2

    Part 2 of our Coworking Europe Brussels episode, originally broadcast December 16, 2016.

    In this episode, we're taking a critical look at this year’s Coworking Europe conference in Brussels. We look for a balance between the joy of seeing old friends and making new ones while examining an industry event that deserves to be stronger.

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    EP47 - Survivor’s Guide to Coworking Europe Brussels, Part 1

    In this episode, we're taking a critical look at this year’s Coworking Europe conference in Brussels. We look for a balance between the joy of seeing old friends and making new ones while examining an industry event that deserves to be stronger.

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    EP46 - How to build a network

    In this episode we gain inspiration from a blog post written by Alice Dundon , a barista from Berlin, entitled "Behind the Bar: 5 Ways to Build a Meaningful Network in a Coworking Space."

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    EP45 - How to adapt culture & space

    When you think about a "classroom", what kind of room do you imagine?

    In this episode, Raechel French gives her insight into the collaborative process she uses to designing innovative schools. You'll be amazed what you can learn from her process to apply to your coworking space!

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    EP43 - Coworking and childcare

    This week we tackle the idea of combining a freelance coworking space with a childcare service. Among many other valuable steps, you'll learn how the first step in building this idea is separating and honing it into a more focused one.

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    EP42 - An intern's point of view

    This week Alex sits down with Mike Mehalick, the engineer behind this very show, to discuss an inside perspective on working within the Indy Hall community and what it means to develop professionally as a college intern.

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    EP41 - About the future

    This week we're looking into the future, YOUR future. Pick up a pen and paper or a notepad app and listen along to this productive workshop that will help you develop your personal, professional and community building goals.

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    EP39 - Burnout, An Intervention

    We work hard. We work smart. But sometimes, we overwork ourselves.

    Listen to this tale of my recent run-in with burnout, some of the worst I've ever had.

    Learn how to spot burnout in yourself and others, and how you can work together to recover from burnout.

    I can tell you this: the moment we finished recording this episode, I felt better.

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    EP 36 - Coworking As An Alternative to College

    Could coworking be an alternative to going to college? With an open mind and driven attitude we'll discuss how coworking very well might be a better option for those who want a more hands on approach to working on what they're passionate about.

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    EP 35 - The "Ultimate" Coworking Playlist

    In this quick and easy Q/A session we talk about the importance of the coworking ambience, more specifically, the tunes, and how garnering a positive work atmosphere encourages that quintessential collaborative rhythm.

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    EP 34 - "In work, too often, we forget that we are people."

    How trust is earned in the workplace, why it's most often missing, and what we can learn from coworking spaces to make better coworking spaces and more productive, innovative, powerful organizations.

    “Organizations have many examples of when people need to be working together in order to accomplish their goals, but they don’t work together and in some cases, they work against each other.

    Then you have examples in coworking places when people don’t need to work together, but they do.”

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    EP33 - The first totally "virtual" coworking conference (a recap)

    Back in April we hosted our first ever People at Work Summit, an experiment in hosting a conference on the internet instead of a physical venue.

    Cohosts Adam Teterus and Sam Abrams reflect on the event - from their favorite talks to the way we invented a new format to allow for online community building before and during the event.

    Lots to learn about coworking, event design, and online community building inside. Enjoy!

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    EP31 - Moving plans: Sanity check. (Bonus Episode, Part 2)

    Welcome back for part 2 of our "moving plans" episode. Last time, we focused on how we prioritize and organize everything that needs to happen. If you're new to the show this episode, you might want to listen to EP30 before diving into this one. Then again, if you like your lessons a bit more like a jigsaw puzzle, listen on!

    Today, we're wrapping the conversation up with the most important (and most often forgotten) part of the process: including the community in the process.

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    EP30 - Moving plans: Keeping priorities in check (Bonus Episode, Part 1)

    In less than 30 days, Indy Hall is moving into a new home. Which means right now, there's a LOT to do.

    Everything about this project is a game of choices and priorities. Evaluating pros and cons. Maybe this sounds familiar?

    For us, it's also a test of the principles we've honed over the last decade.

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    EP27 - How to succeed with sponsors

    We're answering that question on how to approach and negotiate with sponsors and do it in a way that demonstrates value for you, them and of course, the community as a whole!

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    EP 23 - "Free Range Interns" and other counterintuitive lessons for successful team coworking

    There's a lot of folklore about successful creative and business partnerships that form in coworking spaces.

    But very few people talk about how HARD it can be to succeed as a team in a coworking space. It's not all fairy tale endings...

    So what exactly changes when two independent people become one company? How does the way they work together change, and how does that affect the way they work in the coworking space?

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    EP 22 - Building a Comedy Community with Greg Maughan

    Does it feel like something is missing from your city? Maybe a tech or creative community. Maybe an entrepreneurial community.

    Before he founded Philly Improv Theater, Greg Maughan felt that Philly lacked a comedy community. So he set out to create one.

    In this funny, insightful interview, fellow comic and Indy Hall team member Sam Abrams talks with Greg about how the theater - and the community it comprises - were built and have grown and evolved over the years. There's SO much to learn in this interview for brand new and veteran coworking spaces alike.

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    EP 21 - Curtis and Kotaro on Building a Big Event Where the Little Things Matter

    Events seem to be the lifeblood of many coworking communities, and community building in general. But have you ever noticed that while some events are amazing at galvanizing a community, others seem to fall flat no matter how much effort you put in?

    This episode is all about the little things that make an event matter in the eyes of attendees - no matter how big or small the event.

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    EP20 - Ten Questions about the Future of Work

    Live from the Philadelphia International Airport, just moments before I got on a plane to fly 24 hours to the other side of the world, I answered ten questions about the future of work.

    1. What does the term ‘coworking’ mean to you specifically?
    2. How would you describe the development of coworking in Asia?
    3. How does this development relate to the rest of the world?
    4. What do you think is the biggest challenge for the coworking movement worldwide?
    5. What type of people does it attract?
    6. What is the importance for people of being part of bigger collective?
    7. How do you envision the way we work in ten years from now?
    8. What specific role will the coworking movement have in this, according to you?
    9. If you had to pick one favorite place to work in this world, where would it be?
    10. What is your life motto?
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    EP19 - Furniture, Diversity, and Growing a Meet up

    We’re trying something new for episode 19! I jumped on the microphone to answer 3 questions from listeners and readers like you! I had a TON of fun doing this and if you like it I really want to do more of them.

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    EP16 - How to Win at a Coworking Conference In 2016

    How can you make sure that you get your moneys worth at the coworking conferences that are happening throughout 2016? Get the skinny on how to get the most out of conference and unconference formats from Sam Abrams, a core team member with me here at Indy Hall.

    I hope to meet you at an event this year!

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    EP15 - My secret sauce for leading during a coworking crisis: "Systematizing Authenticity"

    Part 2 of 2!

    This episode picks up where we left off in episode 14, as we dive into the details of how we systematically collected our community’s thoughts through a series of Town Hall meetings, and then pivoted into action mode in a way that’s actually brought our community closer together…in spite of the painful change we were facing.

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    EP14 - Stayin' alive, behind the scenes of a coworking space crisis. Part 1.

    Last week, I turned 32. And then this week, Indy Hall turned 9 years old. Nine. NINE. In coworking years, that's basically forever.

    In the past 3 months our membership has grown by a double digit % – unprecedented growth during our usually slow summer months. I'm still trying to figure out what's fueling that growth.

    But more importantly, with new members comes more diversity of every kind, new kinds of conversations every day, leading to new collaborations and exciting milestones for so many people.

    There's a lot to celebrate.

    Meanwhile, as we head towards our 10th anniversary, we're facing one of the biggest challenges in our history.

    Which might help explain why this is the first episode of The Coworking Weekly Show since May!

    Hiatus is over, and I hope you're ready because in this episode, my teammate Adam and I grab a park bench near Indy Hall and talk about how our community celebrates milestones of all sizes, and then we talk about...

    ...what happens when everything goes to shit?

    How do you react in crisis? How do you let your members know something is wrong without inciting a riot or undermining trust?

    Better can you share bad news in a way that BUILDS trust instead of tearing it apart?

    Don't let our playful banter about birthday at the beginning fool you, this stuff might actually help you save your community...and your business.

    Make sure you keep listening to see how everything connects as we explore the specifics of how I've been navigating the perils of a crisis situation in a way that's brought our community closer together, and helped me keep my sanity along the way.

    The best time to learn how to deal with a crisis is before you need it, so this episode is NOT to be missed.

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    EP11 - How do people thrive at work and…what exactly IS a sense of community, anyway?

    So we've all heard about the "sense of community" that people refer to about the best coworking spaces.

    But...what exactly IS a sense of community?

    What are the elements? How do you know if it's there? Is it even something you can create, and if so, how?

    I interviewed two research scientists – Peter Bacevice and Lyndon Garrett – from the Center for Positive Organizations at the University of Michigan about a series of studies they conducted to answer these questions, and learned a TON of valuable insights about what really brings people together in our communities. Their work has been published by the university but also by Time magazine!

    Their research included did a mix of survey research and immersive ethnography, actually embedding in and observing a Coworking community in action...which is where the most valuable insights came from.

    We talk about the difference between working and thriving at work, the importance of choice, the need for "flashes" of community and even how a sense of community emerges at different stages of desire for community. Seriously amazing stuff to help shape all of our work and our members' experiences.

    I encourage you to dig into their work even further!

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    EP10 - What NOT to do while building your community, and more on how to keep your team from burning out. (Live Q&A)

    This past Friday I went to the first Coworking Asia Unconference in Ubud, Bali. Okay, so I didn't quite go to Bali for the weekend...but I did join for a Q&A session at the top of the second day thanks to the magic of the internet + Google Hangouts.

    Photo by Aulia Masna

    The answers I covered include:

    • My #1 trick to get the most out of ANY unconference.
    • How to avoid burnout in your team members. (Note: many coworking space community mangers seem to crash after about a year)
    • Why coworking space acquisitions are rare, and consistently fail
    • One of my favorite examples of using lessons learned in coworking to create new successful ventures
    • What NOT to do when building your community

    You can also view more tweets and AMAZING photos from the Q&A.

    Next January - I'll be there in person!

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    EP9 - I needed help.

    In this episode, I tackle one of the BIGGEST challenges that everyone encounters when growing your team.

    UPDATE: There's a chance that the version of audio that you downloaded had a glitch in it, and an important chunk of audio went missing near the end of the episode. If you notice an unusually long break after the interview with Lindsay, I'm sorry! You can get a fresh version here:

    When you hire someone new to work for your coworking space - maybe a community manager or some other role to help run the space - how do you introduce them to their job?

    Truthfully, this is a challenge that anyone who is growing their team. But since a coworking space is supposed to be a better place to work...shouldn't we be able to do a better job onboarding our newest team members?

    I tried a different format for this episode. It's a mix of storytelling and recommendations that you can use with your teams – even teams that are already formed!

    My tips for avoiding team member burnout, and what NOT to do when building your community, drops later today in a bonus episode for this week!

    This past Friday I went to the first Coworking Asia Unconference in Ubud, Bali. The bad news (for me) is that I only got to participate for about an hour via a Google Hangout, answering questions from the audience.

    Answers include:

    • My #1 trick to get the most out of ANY unconference.
    • How to avoid burnout in your team members. (Note: many coworking space community mangers seem to crash after about a year)
    • Why coworking space acquisitions are rare, and consistently fail
    • One of my favorite examples of using lessons learned in coworking to create new successful ventures
    • What NOT to do when building your community

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    Got feedback? I wanna hear from you!

    I'd love to hear what you think about this format - it was considerably more work to create an episode that's much, much shorter. But if you like it, I'd like to do more like this in the future. So hit me up and let me know! @alexhillman on Twitter or

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    EP8 - The (Literal) Art of the Workplace

    I'm going to keep today's show notes brief, and instead link to a selection of videos that you can watch to get a better sense of the kinds of experiences that today's guest Sean Martorana and I are talking about. Enjoy the episode, and these glimpses into the art experience of Indy Hall!

    Also, if you cruise our Instagram photo collection, you might notice that nearly every photo has art somewhere in it:

    It's truly incredible how much art our community has created and presented.

    You can follow more of Sean's creations by following him on Twitter: and see more from our art community by following

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    EP7 - Fractals, Adulthood, Trust (and Tentacles): The Stack is Back w/Vanessa Gennarelli!

    Hey, welcome to 2015!

    If you're joining us for the first time, this is a show where you get to be a fly on the wall for a very candid conversation between people with lots of different community building expertise - ranging from community management in a coworking space to building massive online learning communities.

    My goal is to help you learn how my guests and I connect the dots, solve problems, and understand the communities around us.

    We're kicking off the first show of the year with the return of The Stack, a style of episode we debuted back in episode 3.

    That also means that today I’m joined again by learning community researcher, Indy Hall member, and dear friend Vanessa Gennarelli.

    Like we did in the last episode of The Stack, Vanessa and I navigate our way through a “stack” of three topics that we’ve chosen ahead of time….but that aren't related in any obvious way.

    On The Stack for this session:

    • Fractals
    • Adulthood
    • Trust

    And of course since this is the coworking weekly show, we tie those topics back to practical examples in coworking and community building.

    As always, we find ourselves in some unexpected places. This week, that includes fractals, tentacles, and the Philadelphia Mummers.

    Yep. Let's get to the stack.

    p.s. Vanessa included this note along with the links she sent along for the show notes below, and I thought it'd be worth including here: "Maybe it's not narcissism that I check as I get older, but understanding my own inability to forecast how things will change..."

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    EP6 - Live from the Coworking Europe Conference, Part Dos

    Adventure into Session #6 of The Coworking Weekly Show, which is the second part of a conversation between Adam Teterus and I, recapping our experience at the annual Coworking Europe Conference, which this year was held in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal.

    I hope you're ready for a very intimate, very real peek "behind the curtain" of our conference experience. :

    Being that this is part two of the series, and we do refer to the first conversation a few times, if I were in your shoes I’d go back and listen to Session 5 to get caught up. If you don’t mind your conversations as a bit more of a jigsaw puzzle then by all means, keep on listening.

    In this conversation, Adam and I talk about our highlights from the conferences: the sessions that we got the most out of, and the connections conversations that stuck with us.

    But the conversation really heats up when we start to talk about the bigger picture: how do we take the experiences and lessons from the conference home with us to our communities, our team members, our collaborators…

    Cuz here’s the real deal: this conversation isn’t just about the Coworking Europe Conference, it’s about our how we do our everyday work and what “happens next” for coworking.

    You really don’t want to miss this conversation. I know it’s easy to overuse that phrase, “you really don’t want to miss”, but I truly mean it with this session. Adam and I really let ourselves get honest about some tough realities in this session.

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    EP5 - Live from the Coworking Europe Conference, Part Uno

    Bon día, Coworking Weekly listeners! This session was the first of a multi-part conversation that we recorded live at the Coworking Europe conference which we attended in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal last week.

    This isn’t just a recap of the talks, though…in this session of The Coworking Weekly Show Adam and I share some tips for how to get more out of coworking conferences just like this one. We also spend a surprising amount of time discussing plants. That's right, leafy green things…and it's a more relevant than you probably think.

    Finally, I ended this session by issuing a challenge for how we could really mold our conference experience into something extraordinary.

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    EP4 - Teamwork (makes the Dream Work) & how great teams works together

    Sadly, running a collaborative space doesn't automagically make you a great collaborator. Being a great collaborator with your OWN team can be really hard work. But the payoff can be huge, for you and for your community.

    On this week’s episode of The Coworking Weekly Show, I’m joined again by Adam Teterus for another “Staff Lounge” conversation.

    Our focus today is on how the team that runs Indy Hall works together to be really great collaborators, and how crucial it is to lead by example.

    You’ll find out what effective overcommunication is and how we achieve it, along with why the enemy of high quality communication might actually be putting a little too much faith in each other.

    We also dive deep into our approach to leadership, and some examples of how it results in truly epic levels of participation at Indy Hall.

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    EP3 - "On the Stack" with Alex Hillman & Vanessa Gennarelli

    Session 3 is here! I invited my friend Vanessa Gennarelli to join me for a new recurring segment that we're calling "The Stack". Vanessa is a community builder of a special sort: she works specifically on learning communities, and is trained as a researcher in the field.

    What does that mean for you, though? In "The Stack", I choose 3 topics that are related to community building and coworking...though the connections might not be obvious at first. As you listen to this candid conversation, you'll get a glimpse into how Vanessa and I - two community professionals in VERY different fields - connect the dots, solve problems, and observe the world around us.

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    EP2 - do you get members for your coworking community? #AskCoworkingWeekly

    In just 10 minutes, I'll answer the NUMBER ONE question that I've gotten over and over and over....

    This super-fast session is an experiment in mini-episodes, or "inbetweenisodes", where I focus on a single question that I've gotten from a Coworking Weekly subscriber. Then in plain english, I'll give an answer. Simple, right?

    If you love this episode, let me know and send me your best questions. If I get really good questions, I'll keep doing #askcoworkingweekly mini-episodes!

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    EP1 - Who runs a coworking space? What the heck do they do?

    The inaugural episode, my friends!

    Today I'm joined by my right hand man and Indy Hall's "Point Man", Adam Teterus.

    What does Adam do, how does he do it, and what has he learned in 3 years of running Indy Hall? Find out in our conversation!

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