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This is a podcast for people who build coworking communities.

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    EP56 - Countdown to the People at Work Summit

    We're counting the days to our big ONLINE coworking conference, The People at Work Summit. Find out who's speaking, and what an online conference really "looks" like.

    Save the dates of July 12-13-14 and grab your tickets at, and listen to the end of the show for a way to get 10% off your ticket!

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    EP55 - You really should have been at CUAsia 2017

    "Everything was really, really, really good." There's something in the air at CUAsia, and it's making coworking founders and operators extremely good at their work. In this episode, Alex and Adam recap their recent trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand for CUAsia 2017. Find out what impressed them most during their trip overseas and why they think even though Asia is young in terms of coworking, the entire region deserves our undivided attention as leaders of the industry.

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    EP54 - A better security system for your coworking space

    At Indy Hall, we don't offer lockers, we leave our door wide open, and we tend to leave our computers on our desks while we're away for lunch. And yet, we all feel safe and sound. How is that possible?

    In this episode, Adam and Alex visit a pivotal past event in which a member stole from the community and how we introduced a community-focused solution for keeping our members safe.

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    EP53 - "Coworking will never work here"

    If you have ever heard or spoken the words "coworking won't work in this town", this episode is for you. Alex is joined by Sean Fedorko, founder of Radius Cowork, and the two community leaders debunk the popular myth that coworking can't succeed in a small town. Alex learns what gave Sean the confidence to start his coworking community in a place where everyone told him it wasn't possible.

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    EP52 - How we use Slack to build community online

    In this episode, Sam and Alex talk tools - specifically, one tool we use at Indy Hall to create a sense community continuity, opportunities for connection even when you're not physically here. Find out which communication software we use to create a first-class gathering space for our entire community.

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    EP51 - Slow the f*ck down!

    In this episode, Alex and Adam discuss an "impulsive" tattoo that symbolizes anything but hastiness. You've probably heard us talk about our JFDI philosophy, now we'll share an important compliment to that mantra. Plus, we recall a leadership lesson from an unexpected place: the orchestra.

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    EP50 - Community engagement strategies, straight from the streets of South Philly

    It's been almost three years and more than 50 episodes, and we're finally introducing Indy Hall's co-founder, Geoff DiMasi, to the show. Alex and Geoff's conversation couldn't be more timely for the New Year as they discuss setting achievable goals and the unbeatable fulfillment of actually making stuff. [Heads up: this episode is PACKED with valuable lessons and exercises for how to get people to do things together, and this is one of my favorite episodes we've done for how personal and actionable it is. Enjoy!]

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    EP49 - Ask 👏 the 👏 members!

    Our final episode in the year 2016! Alex and Adam explore a brand new segment called "Catchphrase" in which they share a common mantra spoken by staff and members of Indy Hall. In this episode, the catchphrase is: ask the f*cking members.

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